Bunny Vibrators -- The Women's Closest friend

posted on 11 Jul 2013 09:04 by sextoys

When it comes to vibrators, some of the best in the world are the fantastic rabbit vibrators. Many women first learned of their existence when one was showcased on the American television show Sex And The City. Rabbits made Amazon an appearance in the movie Better Than Chocolate. These dandy little devices are unique in that they provide both internal stimulation via the shaft of the toy and clitoral stimulation from the bunnys ears on the clitoral stimulate.

(risk is increased by a factor of seven, although the numbers affected will be small).

Researcher Dr Giovanni Corona said:

Our work shows that screening for testosterone deficiency in men with erectile dysfunction may help clinicians identify those at higher risk from cardiovascular events. However, at the moment we can't say whether low testosterone levels are the cause or the consequence of this dildos higher risk.

This work needs to be confirmed by larger studies. However, this is the first time that low testosterone is associated with higher death rates from heart disease in men with erectile dysfunction. Our work indicates that if you have erectile dysfunction, and if you have a very low testosterone level, then you are up to 7 times more likely to die from a major cardiac event than if you have erectile dysfunction and normal testosterone levels. It may be worth screening the testosterone levels of men who come to clinics with erectile dysfunction, as this may be a way of identifying those who are most at lelo risk from heart disease. At the same time, we need large-scale studies to look at whether testosterone replacement therapy in at-risk men can pr.

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