According to researchers, if youre in a relationship and your partner is trying to lose weight, better watch out. She might not be doing it for you. She probably has a lover shes trying to impress. A recent study even goes as far as to claim those trying to shed the pounds are about to ditch their partners for someone else. While this may be true in some cases, I doubt its true in the vast majority of cases. Plenty of people are trying to lose weight because they hate the way they look and dont want to been seen in public.

te frosting you can get at your grocery store and add a bit of milk to thin it out!

Looking for something a bit more discreet? Instead of going out sex life and getting the usual box of boring square chocolate, try a shape a bit more on the naughty side! You can find chocolates, both loose and on a lollipop stick, in the shape of many adult images. Some of our favorites are breasts, vaginas, cocks, lips and asses. If you’re really creative, the same company that makes the Clone-A-Willy kit does a chocolate Clone-a-Pussy kit!

Have you tried chocolate flavoured condoms? They’re great for safe 12 inch dildo, and adds the sweet cocoa taste that we all love. It’s ideal for those ladies who prefer not to swallow, but still want to give their man a great blow job.

You can always rely on the good ole chocolate sauce to add a bit of spice to your l.

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Now Ive seen it all. Get this: there is a pair of knickers for sale for women to wear when they have their periods. So instead of being mortified when your tampon leaks all over your clean clothing in full view of everyone around you, you can wear these knickers with built-in padding to catch the spills. They come in several colours, including black, and theyre being marketed as sexy underwear. Im sorry, but when Im having my period the last thing I feel is sexy and a pair of knickers that act like the Hoover.

emicals out of my body. So I looked for alternatives – and found penis sleeves.? If you’ve got in your head the thought of a hard plastic dick that slides over your own, leaving you feeling nothing other than the inside surface of this fake dick, you’re way behind on the cheap adult toys. While those style of penis sleeves still exists, there are ones out there that lead to a much more satisfactory sex life.


I’ve got two different styles of penis enhancers, each having their own qualities. For the times when I want to feel as much as I can, I use my Real Feel Penis Enhancer. Basically, this is a silicone sleeve that you slip over your dick. The tip is open, which makes cleaning up a whole lot easier, and there’s an attachment for a mini bullet vibrator for a bit of a thrill for her. This style isn’t as “hard” as the old fashioned penis sleeves, .

a look in on the Top 50 Facebook pages, Hugh Hefner's empire of boobalicious blondes has only just been beaten on the list by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with 20,000 more fans.8. KissesThe best way to chat up women over Facebook is to become a fan of brutal dildos and romantic pages like the 'Kisses' one. I'm sure it will reassure her that no matter how much of a douche you come across as, deep down inside you're secretly lovely.9. Sex!With such interesting discussions on the Fan Page wall such as "can you contract aids or any diseases while eating pussy?" (you can, by the way) can you really afford to not have your life enriched by this group?10. LeloOne of the most upmarket sex toy retailers, Lelo, has their own Facebook fan page! A good way to show everyone that even when you're diddling yourself, you're still classy.So what are you a fan of?