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being hard at work at your computer when a free-floating ball of jizz floats into your eye. Not pleasant. Still, the notion of doing the nasty while floating about the space shuttle appeals to a lot of people.

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in the water, keep moving around. While you think that drinking alcohol may keep you warmer, it will actually reduce your overall body temperature. Once you get out of the water, dry off as quickly as possible and have yourself a hot (non-alcoholic) drink.

If you’re a bit bashful about revealing yourself in front of a crowd, you don’ t have to strip down to your birthday suit right there on the beach. A lot of dippers go into the water in their underwear or two piece bathing suit, then take it off when the water is covering up their body. While this may be alright for summertime skinny dipping, you may find that you aren’t going to completely submerge your body during a New Year’s Day skinny dip feom Amazon. Whichever you choose to do, have fun!