From the strange and unusual to the downright bizarre - welcome to my blog's list of the top ten worst sex toys of the past decade!Now we all know the phrase 'different strokes for different folks' and we have been known to encourage the more curious fetishes here at my blog, but these sex toys really shouldn't have been made in the first place!Check out our list of the top ten worst sex toys of the decade and make sure you avoid them like the plague (or Swine Flu, whichever is more current).1. Doggie Style Debbie UR3 MasturbatorI'm not sure who 'Debbie' is but if she were a real person with the exact dimensions of this sex toy, her teeny tiny feet would not be able to support the weight of her own ass and she'd end up short and stunted. A little like a penguin.2. Touche MasturazorThe Touche range of sex toys look fabulous, but sadly don't live up to their cool, sleek exterior.The Masturazor is a weird combination of a bulbous vibrator and a personal shaver. Now the first thought to come to mind is 'ouch' - seriously, a vibrator mixed with a sharp thing is never a good idea - but even as individual products, they're as weak as my will power when cake is involved.3. Original Blue Wonder PillWith a name like 'Original Blue Wonder Pill' you'd probably assume that these libido enhancing tablets would be... well, full of wonder. Sadly, they're not.The.

em doing the nasty, including a 10 year old child. You should see their mugshots. He looks annoyed and shes grinning like a Cheshire cat. I guess he made her happy in that back seat.

So you want to get it on the back seat of a car? Make the experience more memorable by using male sex toys like vibrating cock rings. The screaming orgasm vibrating cock ring is the perfect parking lot tryst sex toy for the couple in a closed in space like the back seat of a car. This wonderful cock ring vibrates like theres no tomorrow. The nubby stimulator sleeve rubs.

inter is pretty boring so I support anything that livens it up… and sexually appropriate snowmen and snowwomen have a lot of potential. I like the idea so much that I’ve even started work on new version of the Kama Sutra using various snowpeople to illustrate all the positions. And with stricter and stricter laws regarding the production of adult content, snow porn might very well be the next big trend in the adult movie industry. I can see the titles now: Teagan Gets Frosted! or Naughty Coeds Get Frostbite! Let’s hear from the readers; just leave a comment with the snow porn you’d like to see!

Please note that this is a parody of Dear Abby and similar advice columns. The question is pulled directly from an actual Dear Abby column.