The vibrations could have been a little more intense

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Like many women, I guess, I don't wear matching underwear every day! I know it is thought amongst advert believing menfolk that we women wear nothing but the finest Agent Provocateur and La Senza matching lace underwear daily, no matter what, but in reality this is rarely the case.

The raters gave the same faces the same level of trustworthiness, despite the new eye color, basically leading the researchers to conclude that its the face shape of people with brown eyes thats perceived as trustworthy, not the actual color of their eyes.An analysis of the faces showed that brown-eyed men have bigger mouths, broader chins, bigger noses and more prominent eyebrows, essentially making them appear more baby-faced and cheerful (and possibly explaining why they are perceived as more trustworthy).

Huh, that I would not have guessed! But then, I rarely even notice .

me on and I ignored any urge to extend my masturbation and therefore intensify my orgasm.The feeling of clenching the butt plug inside me added enough to the experience anyway.

I felt the pumping begin and gasped as the jets of semen spurting across my stomach and chest were accompanied by the most intense sensation yet as my sphincter muscles grasped the G-Play butt plug in an iron grip.

This sex toy can be used by men and women, just as promised by Nexus.It could be a way to get started with anal play especially if you’re looking for a real beginner’s device that is going to make its presence known without taking over your first experience.

The vibrations could have been a little more intense, but in a small toy that would have taken some quite expensive engineering and consumed batteries very fast so in practical terms the vibration is as intense as you could reasonably expect and maybe as hardcore as you’d want for your first explorations into anal sex toys.The G-PLay does come in three sizes too, this being the small.

TMI Wednesday: The Tune with regard to A person

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Its TMI Tuesday time and Im finallyback playing!!

Answer the following questions using only song titles.Make sure you link to the song or the song’s lyrics so that we can listen to or read the song.

1.What is your present state of sex toys for men?

Down with the Sickness

olie but shes not really looking to share a three-bedroom in Brooklyn, now is she? But FINE.I wasnt really into you guys that much anyway.Sniff.

I know, I know.Its not about me.They get a ton of responses.And not everyones a perfect fit.Whatever, Im getting cheese fries.

The good news is its making me want to be a more considerate dater, particularly online.Im in a shame spiral about every guy who ever sent me a nice message and I didnt respond.(I still dont feel bad about the guys who send me copy-and-pastes though.I would never insult a potential roommate by sending.

t.While the soft wrist sections would probably be strong enough to tow a small online sex toys (don’t try it please!) the interconnecting rings do spread if you pull the cuffs apart hard enough.This does not damaged the rings with the spring catch in them but the other rings begin to open up which could lead to an unexpected failure of the cuffs – the moral? Don’t use them for any sort of play like suspension where you’d be relying on them to support your partner.To be fair, this applies to a lot of cuff designs and you really have to apply a lot of force to make the rings spread but I have to mention it for completeness.

This is a really useful set of cuffs for adventurous lovers.There are going to be a lot of couples wanting to explore bondage in the bedroom because of the 50 Shades Of Grey series of books and I can see these cuffs working well for them.They are not a set of expensive and scary shackles, nor are they the sort of badly made and uncomfortable faux cuffs sold to stag and hen parties as novelty sexy.You can have a lot of fun with these restraints, especially if you combine them with a little spanking … Ouch!




This is your chance to be one of three lucky winners of a full free set of Billy Boy Condoms!

I have three of these sets to give away, which includes 7 boxes of three cheap vibrators in the following varieties:

White Soft Fragrance.

As someone with some lifelong friendships as well as some friendships that have fizzled out and ended acrimoniously, Im pretty fascinated by this idea.I mean, look, I dont have $3,000 to spend on any relationship period, but the idea that a friendship is as worth saving as a romantic relationship does make sense to me.I have friends that have been every bit as important to me as any boyfriend, and when you have a relationship that close, youre gonna have rough patches in butt plugs, right? Like a marriage, a lifelong friendship isn't something that happens successfully without.

fucks I placed the throbbing tip of the Pipedream Metal Worx 10 Function Vibe against my clit which was now receptive to any stimulation I was about to provide. I’m such a horny cow.

I found that the flattened tip sat nicely against my clit and the weight of the bullet combined with the escalating vibrations was working some kind of magic on me. After a few circles around my swollen bud I dipped it back in to my pussy and for a while I repeatedly alternated between my two pleasure points which was tipping me slowly but oh so deliciously towards the edge.

The warmth still being emitted from the bullet coupled with the vibration was both comforting and arousing at the same time.

Several swirl and dips later I found myself tingling and twitching as I came with the tip of the bullet pulsated over my clitoris. I was shot sexuality down in flames…

The Pipedream Metal Worx 10 Function Waterproof Vibe is the ideal toy for all levels of user because it is such a powerful and versatile addition to the toy box. And remember because it is a metal toy it can be warmed or chilled according to your mood.